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Invitation to join Etherize’s competition

17 Apr 2018 . category: tech . Comments
#ethereum #Waas #blockchain #startup

Last week we announced the End-To-End Encrypted Wallet as a Service for Ethereum, Etherize. This week we are inviting you to join Etherize’s first competition! The competition is a call to build apps or services on top of Ethereum, using Etherize. The main audience of the competition is businesses that want to integrate Ethereum into an existing product, or developers who want to prototype an idea on top of Ethereum, which might become a product in the future. The competition is open from today, April 17th, until July 1st and the winners will be announced on the 9th of July.

The prizes

There is no competition without a prize, so here’s what you will compete for. The best entry will win the Unlimited Plan of Etherize for a year. The second and third best will receive the Professional Plan for a year. And all the team members of the best three entries will receive a glass ornament to remember that they built something great 😊

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