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{ Personal } Jekyll Theme

05 Jul 2015 . category: tech . Comments
#jekyll #opensource

As I wrote before, I wanted to open-source the current theme because I believe that it adds value to the existing Jekyll themes. Also, I feel that I owe it back to the community, because without the existing code that I forked, I would never have the current blog. And I love this blog.

The value of { Personal } is that it enables blogging in the Timeline theme (a mashup of the popular Agency and Grayscale themes), it personalizes more the theme by focusing on its owner, it makes it easy to customize the website from Jekyll’s config and it offers a cool 404 page.

The visual touches that I believe that make the theme a bit more personal, is the owner’s picture in the home page, and the blurred background, because it forces the eye to focus on the owner’s photo. Moreover, Grayscale’s neutral glyphicon of the header is replaced by a black and white version of the favicon.

The repo lives here and it’s under pull request for Jekyll Themes and indexed in Jekyll’s themes wiki.

Of course, the theme will evolve over the time and as soon as time permits, the blog will support discovery with hashtags.

Don’t forget to support the repo by starring it :wink:


Panos is a Computer Scientist with scientific publications in top conferences and journals, several patent applications, open-source contributions on privacy preserving products and a proven track record of delivering secure, reliable and fast cloud services. In the past, he worked as a Linux kernel developer at the CERN CERT team, did Machine Learning research at the University of Athens and innovated on Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud services. Currently he is on a mission to contribute to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.