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16 May 2023 . tech . Enhancing Web Server Security with Event Monitoring and Detection - Part 3: Enrichment Comments

Last time, we built a detection that alerts us when an unexpected port is opened on the server. How about creating an alert whenever a successful SSH connection is established from a TOR exit node? I would never SSH to my personal server over TOR, so such activity would be a clear signal of compromise.

We can retrieve any connection attempt using the Zeek.Conn managed schema. However, how can we classify the originating IP as a TOR exit node? Note that this is a dynamic piece of information since TOR exit nodes are constantly being added or removed.

Panther has a solution for this called Enrichment. Enrichment provides external data sources that you can pull into Panther and join them against your schemas on a field, such as...



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    Engineering Manager @ Panther

  • June 2021 - September 2022

    Engineering Manager @ Orfium

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    Tech Lead @ Plum Fintech

  • November 2017 - October 2019

    Founder @ Blocktopus, a Plug and Play KYC/AML for Ethereum Smart Contracts

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    Security Software Engineer @ Microsoft Development Center Norway, worked for several Office 365 backend services, with a focus on Security Engineering

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    Computer Security Researcher @ CERN, developed linux kernel modules to prevent cyber attacks

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    Built Pwn Mail, a Cydia iPhone app for spoofing emails. It served more than 260,000 emails but it was discontinued after a legal threat by Steve Jobs

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    Machine Learning researcher @ KDD lab

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